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EVOLVE Lodging

Randy Hendrickson, Founder & CEO

Full service for sales, acquisitions, development and consullting services for Experiential Hospitality assets. We believe the Outdoor Hospitality landscape is changing more rapidly than at any time before. As the industry evolves towards more Experiential Hospitality, there is a lot to consider in your strategies and we can help in ways than can dramatically improve your success. Randy Hendrickson is an experienced industry executive with a nearly 30 year track record in management (70 parks) brokerage (over $500M), development, feasibility, repositioning and branding. He has served for 17 years on State Association Boards, and is passionate about the potent velocity of the Outdoor Hospitality industry as it evolves into the inevitable Experiential focus.

The entire Team at EVOLVE Lodging is uniquely qualified to assist individuals and groups seeking a significant competitive advantage in the performance of their holdings. In addition, we enjoy highly respectful collaborative relationships with industry partners, each to their expertise. Whether it is EVOLVE Lodging, our partners, or in collaboration, we will in all cases provide success strategies unique in perspective, clear in visioning, and committed to execution. We work with you not as a ‘hired hand’ but rather, as a trusted partner in your success.

We are aggressive, yet principled. We adhere to sound investment fundamentals with a defined strategy to produce desired returns on invested capital. While there will always be the ‘noise’ of inflated claims and untenable promises, we believe there is a better way to do business. Trends come and go, but fundamentals do not. We attribute our industry longevity to the latter!

From 2003 to 2006 Randy served as Vice President on the Board of Directors for CalARVC, where he chaired the Communications committee and was a Director on the CTPA Services Board. Randy returned to the CampCalNOW (formerly CalARVC) Board in 2012, serving as President from 2017-2019 and as Past Chairman until 2020. He also served on the AZARVC Board of Directors from 2006 to 2008, and returned to the Board in 2022. In sum, Randy has served 17 years on State Boards. Randy has been featured in industry articles and has presented seminars and speaking engagements on a State and National level.



EVOLVE Lodging
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