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As Defined: 

'Experiential hospitality refers to a type of hospitality that emphasizes providing unique and memorable experiences to guests, rather than just a functional service or product. This approach involves designing and delivering immersive and personalized experiences that cater to the specific needs and preferences of each guest.

The goal of experiential hospitality is to create emotional connections with guests, build loyalty, and generate positive word-of-mouth recommendations. By providing guests with exceptional and memorable experiences, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out in a crowded marketplace.'

Our View:

The Hotel industry  has long had an understanding of Experiential Hospitality. We believe that other other asset classes, formerly thought to be disparate, share the exact same language. At its core, Experiential Hospitality seeks as its mission to provide guests with something much more than a place to stay, it provides them with a place to experience local businesses, community cultures, and  to learn about each other. In so doing, they learn about themselves.


When Experiential Hospitality is practiced as an imbued company culture, as a core value, the benefits translate to improved staff retention, superior guest satisfaction, and elevated profitability.  Moreover, it results in a highly focused return to the reason we are all in  this industry: To be of service to others, and to provide enriched value to those we serve. 

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The Universal Language:

We believe that the term 'Experiential Hospitality' belongs to no asset class exclusively.  Quite the opposite. In fact, we have tested this very thesis. In our ongoing research involving countless publications discussing Experiential Hospitality as an evolving focus within the Hospitality world in aggregate, we have learned that whether the origin was in Hotel, Glamping, RV Resorts, Dispersed Hotel, or Marinas, the core concepts being addressed were interchangeable almost without exception. It's all about the guest, the guest experience, and providing something that is immersive and memorable. The kind of experience guests of all asset classes share with friends. The kind of shared experience that will make your business successful.


The universal language is timeless: 'Experiential Hospitality'. If you are in the business of providing accommodations and experiences, we are all speaking the same language. We always have been. 

What Next?

Maximizing your guest experience, and your bottom line. The  Experiential Experts Alliance can provide:

  • Experiential Intelligence: Interactive conversations with guests to  help you  understand the difference between Brand promise and Brand deliverables

  • Staff engagement and staff retention for purpose-driven, guest-first  expertise

  • Community engagement to produce advocates for your business, and you to theirs

  • Creative non-room (ancillary) revenue strategies to increase guest satisfaction and additional revenue for you

  • Ongoing  consultation and support

  • Collaboration between your desired outcomes and industry best practices to produce those outcomes

  • Partnership, built on trust. 

Let's serve our guests, serve each other, and let's share this journey together. 

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