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Glampitect North America

Nick Purslow

Starting a Glamping Business is Hard. Really hard. There are countless obstacles you probably aren't aware of going into the process. Zoning, permitting, financing, neighbors, drainage; the list goes on. Without the right advice, you risk completely wasting your investment. An investment that, if done right, could have been life changing.That's why it's so important to have experts on hand to help you through the setup journey. You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer. You wouldn't design a house without an architect. Don't start a glamping business without glamping consultants who have done it all before.

Glampitect UK launched in 2019. Though the services we offer today have leveled up hugely from our initial offerings, the core aim of the business was the same: become the turnkey solution for anyone looking to start a glamping business.

After experiencing rapid growth in the UK, we launched Glampitect MENA in 2021 and Glampitect North America in 2022. Extensive market research was conducted prior to entering these territories to ensure we thoroughly understood everything about each market. We've worked with experts who are the best-in-class in their respective fields, be that feasibility, zoning or manufacturing. 

We can now proudly say that we've consulted for glamping clients across eight countries and three continents. The focus of Glampitect North America is on the emerging US and Canadian markets. With more and more people joining the glamping community, there's never been a better time to get into glamping in this part of the world.

If you want to make great money from an incredibly rewarding business, Glampitect are ready to serve.


 Glampitect North America
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