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Exclusive Tents, Exclusive Innovations

Paul Zway, Founder & CEO

Exclusive Tents was founded in 2005, but we have been perfecting our craft since 1984. We are two families that came together to make the most durable and luxurious glamping tents on the market. Every stitch stitched, every piece of canvas cut, and every welded piece of steel is our form of art. To us, these are more than just tents, these are pieces of art crafted from our hands with passion and love. Each tent is so special to us, that we find it difficult to send them off to their new destinations. But as the next set of tents set sail to its new home, whether it be Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, Mexico or wherever, we know we are slowly decorating the earth. With a mission of keeping things eco friendly, with minimal footprint, and integrating nature within our designs, there are an infinite amount of options. With each step forward and every new tent, we are making the world our canvas.

Our goal isn’t to become the biggest luxury tent manufacturer in the world, but the best luxury tent manufacturer in the world. We strive to create the most robust, 4 season glamping tent on the market to handle the toughest climates. 

Exclusive Tents has become the “go-to” company for luxury & bespoke tent designs. This unique two-family business has an emphasis in crafting the best tents without ‘suits’, conveyer belts and corporate bureaucracy, it is our personable and friendly approach that opens many doors and has Exclusive Tents speaking to some serious names in hospitality and even amongst royalty.



Exclusive Tents, Exclusive Innovations
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