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Michelle Oliver, Founder & CEO

Michelle has a 34-year history building small businesses and professionally training and coaching teams and executives. She has launched and grown a marketing agency, music venue, dinner theater, charter schools, outdoor hospitality venue, online businesses and a homecare agency. She’s implemented corporate training and executive coaching programs independently and through Success Motivation Institute and The Pacific Institute, within the small business sector as well as Fortune 500 companies, proving massive, measurable improvement with problem-solving, goal setting and achievement. 

She’s passionate about helping organizations optimize leadership performance for every individual, emphasizing the power of a vision driven, positive, coaching culture and operational systems to support the vision. 

Because implementing frameworks and customized strategies for change within the business (regardless of its size), is an essential component of success, Michelle has developed a proprietary coaching program designed exclusively for those wanting to create or expand Experiential Hospitality properties. 

She resides in Northern Colorado and enjoys the stunning natural beauty and active outdoor lifestyle the state is known for.



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