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Sage Outdoor Advisory

Connor Schwab - Head of Outdoor Hospitality

Connor is the Head of Outdoor Hospitality st Sage Outdoor Advisory, offering feasibility studies and consulting to launching and expanding outdoor hospitality businesses. One of Connor's major contributions to the industry is creating the first quantitative USA glamping report in partnership with KOA. This report provides launching outdoor resorts with the critical rate and occupancy figures they need to estimate business projections.

Connor graduated with an MBA in 2018 with a Master's Thesis in privatized camping. Since then, he has been fully immersed in the outdoor hospitality sector and completed 50+ siite visits in the USA and Africa.

Connor is also Head of Finance and Partnerships with SandyVans, an emerging force in the industry, providing a high degree of van customization and specialization for this growing segment of experiential travel.


Sage Outdoor Advisory
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